The Unsung Season

Gardens & Gardeners in Winter

Sydney Eddison, author

Karen Bussolini, photographer

Houghton Mifflin Company

Nature in winter has always enchanted me with its unexpected poetic sights. No matter how gloomy the day, it always seemed that, if I had the gumption to bundle up and go for a walk, I’d come upon something unexpected and beautiful. But I couldn’t say the same about my gardens. So I decided to plant winter beauty close by, where I would enjoy it no matter what the weather. Planting for winter interest became a delightful challenge, one that banished cabin fever forever and makes me love gardens year-round.


The Unsung Season is unfortunately out of print, but my passion for winter gardens lives on and my slide lecture The Unsung Season: Gardens in Winter inspires audiences with a new appreciation of the cold, unsung season with new ideas and images every year.

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