May Blooms for Bees

Because we have diverse bee species (long-tongue and short-tongue bees, big ones and small ones, specialists and generalists) with different needs and life cycles, we need diverse kinds of plants - with different sizes, shapes, bloom times, scents, markings, reproductive structures. Read about what's blooming in May and special plants for specialist bees...

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Why Willows for Wildlife?

Willows are unsung heroes when it comes to year-round wildlife support and thoughtful plant selection.

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Microclimates Made Visible in Your Yard

Microclimates are areas of slight climactic difference within a region. We can take advantage of the microclimates in our own yards.

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Perennials That Look Good in Winter

How do we make gardens that still look like gardens in the winter? It’s worth scoping out what perennial foliage still looks good in your garden in cold weather. Gather these "foul weather friends" together for winter garden beauty.

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Spot Invasive Plants

Spotting Invasive plants when leaves are green can be tricky. But invasives with a longer growing season than native plants are easy to see in fall. Their leaves remain green or display bright autumn color long after natives have lost their leaves for the winter.

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Signs that Summer’s Winding Down

I’m hearing lots of clues that summer is winding down, though. Dawn gets quieter and quieter, but the side yard is alive with twittering goldfinches clinging to Anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) plants, gorging on ripe seeds, while bumblebees keep up the buzz pollinating its long-lasting lavender flowers.

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