Provide Safe Nesting Materials for Birds

Providing nesting material helps birds save energy otherwise expended looking for it, but what materials? Birds will construct nests with whatever they find. When filling nesting balls or leaving nesting material outdoors, make sure it's non-toxic, untreated materials that don’t absorb moisture, degrade or entangle baby birds ...

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Early Spring Garden Cleanup Tips

Try to avoid compacting soil by stepping into garden beds when soil is wet. There's plenty of spring garden cleanup within arm's reach.

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Independent Non-GMO Seed Catalogs

This time of year, my p.o. box runneth over - with a bounteous crop of specialty mail order seed catalogs that get my mouth watering. With giant chemical companies owning and controlling most of the global seed market, I urge you to seek out independent seed houses. They tell you who they are right up front.

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Perennials That Look Good in Winter

How do we make gardens that still look like gardens in the winter? It’s worth scoping out what perennial foliage still looks good in your garden in cold weather. Gather these "foul weather friends" together for winter garden beauty.

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Birds and Bird Feeders Outside My Windows

How to help birds in winter and protect birds from predators and collisions with glass.

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Looking Across the Fall Line

Dead and dying trees provide wildlife habitat and are critical to forest health. Let's look at fallen branches and trees as natural resources rather than disposal problems.

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Gather A Garden Wreath

Complete the cycle of the seasons by gathering greens and other plants from the garden to make a holiday wreath that will give you pleasure all winter long.

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Last Ditch Deer Protection

Once deer have established their winter territory, rutting bucks damage trees. Protect trees from deer scrapes and rubs with physical barriers.

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Clean Up the Garden Gradually

No need to cut the whole garden back in fall. Standing stems and seedheads provide food for birds, shelter for overwintering insects - and good excuses to go outside to tidy up a little bit at a time on a nice winter day.

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Spot Invasive Plants

Spotting Invasive plants when leaves are green can be tricky. But invasives with a longer growing season than native plants are easy to see in fall. Their leaves remain green or display bright autumn color long after natives have lost their leaves for the winter.

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