Gather A Garden Wreath

Complete the cycle of the seasons by gathering greens and other plants from the garden to make a holiday wreath that will give you pleasure all winter long.

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Last Ditch Deer Protection

Once deer have established their winter territory, rutting bucks damage trees. Protect trees from deer scrapes and rubs with physical barriers.

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Clean Up the Garden Gradually

No need to cut the whole garden back in fall. Standing stems and seedheads provide food for birds, shelter for overwintering insects - and good excuses to go outside to tidy up a little bit at a time on a nice winter day.

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Spot Invasive Plants

Spotting Invasive plants when leaves are green can be tricky. But invasives with a longer growing season than native plants are easy to see in fall. Their leaves remain green or display bright autumn color long after natives have lost their leaves for the winter.

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Cook with Tasty Anise Hyssop Leaves

I’ve often dried anise hyssop leaves for a note of licorice flavor in winter pots of tea or infused them in gin, but this year my friend Julie taught me a tasty new trick.

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Enhance Your Views with Selective Pruning

Experts commonly answer the question, “When is the best time to prune?” with “When you have clippers in your hand.” But that’s not always the case.

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