Photographing a whole book is an education in itself. Seeing well and communicating on that scale is an immersive and life changing experience. I will forever see the world through trees and shrubs, silver plants and sustainable practices.

As a lifelong book lover, it is a tremendous honor to have been commissioned by such fine publishers as Houghton Mifflin, Little Brown & Co. (Bulfinch Press), Storey Publishing, Rodale and Timber Press to be sole photographer for these 6 books.

The Homeowners Complete Tree & Shrub Handbook

Storey Publishing

Not every tree and shrub you could buy, just the best, most problem-solving and beautiful ones. Practical advice from a landscape pro and photos that reveal each plant’s charm, accurately portray what they look like and show how real-life gardeners across the country have used them in home landscapes. The subtitle says it all.

The Naturescaping Workbook

Timber Press

West Coast landscape designer Beth O’Donnell Young teamed up with East Coast gardener and garden photographer Karen Bussolini to teach homeowners how to landscape more sustainably by working with rather than against nature.

Elegant Silvers: Striking Plants For Every Garden

Timber Press

The beauty and drought-tolerance of familiar downy silvers such as lamb’s ears and artemisias have long made them favorites in the herb garden and perennial border. Elegant Silvers explores of the entire range of these distinctive fragrant, useful and deer-resistant plants.

The Unsung Season

Houghton Mifflin Company

Turn your garden into a year-round pleasure with plants whose glory is enhanced by cold and snow and meet gardeners who greet winter with a creative spirit rather than gloom.

Backyard Design

Making the Most of the Space Around Your House

Jean Spiro Breskend, Author

Karen Bussolini, Photographer

Bulfinch Press (Little, Brown and Company)

A Country Garden for Your Backyard

Projects, Plans & Plantings for a Country Look

Marny Smith and Nancy DuBrule, Authors

Karen Bussolini, Photographer

Rodale Press