It’s Connecticut Flower & Garden Show Time

As the snow falls I'm dreaming of that wonderful fragrance of living plants that hits you when you walk into the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show in Hartford. This year I'll be doing 2 talks - an Eco-friendly Garden Coach Interactive Problem Solving Brainstorming Session on Friday, February 24 at 3:30, and on Saturday morning, February 25, at 11:00 I'll be presenting my latest talk, Planting the Year-Round Pollinator Garden.

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Karen Bussolini speaking on the pollinator garden in Kent

Although I speak on ecological gardening all over the country, I'm especially tickled to be presenting a slide lecture full of information and inspiration to support pollinators right here where I live in Kent. Come [...]

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Naturescaping book event at the Stamford Museum

Art and Nature being my two great passions, The Stamford Museum and Nature Center is my kind of place. And I can really get behind their Salon Series, devoted to inspiring cultural conversations and lifelong [...]

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Fall Garden Event at Red Lion Inn, October 20

October 20, 2016 - Join nationally recognized speakers and authors – Karen Bussolini, Jan Johnsen, and Kerry Mendez – as they share time-tested pointers for gorgeous flower gardens that provide non-stop color plus are plant and eco-friendly.

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Keynote talk on The Darwinian Garden

Come to the Western Massachusetts Master Gardeners conference on March 19, 2016 and hear my keynote talk, Survival in the Darwinian Garden: Planting the Fittest. We'll dig into the many adaptations plants have evolved to survive [...]

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