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May Blooms for Bees

Because we have diverse bee species (long-tongue and short-tongue bees, big ones and small ones, specialists and generalists) with different needs and life cycles, we need diverse kinds of plants - with different sizes, shapes, bloom times, scents, markings, reproductive structures. Read about what's blooming in May and special plants for specialist bees...

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I Surrender – To the Wisdom of Plants

As a young gardener getting a whole lot of hands-on experience wrestling out rocks, poison ivy, invasive shrubs and vines, I began doubting the wisdom of traditional garden books - especially regarding double-digging. I could see that plants grew over, around and between rocks in natural areas. Why not find a better way to prepare beds on my rocky mountainside, quit pulling out stones and put plants in the right niches?

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Looking At Our Land Through Many Lenses

Please join me for a day to explore photography, gardening and stewardship of the land we live in at Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center in Litchfield on May 4 - and let's pray for rain. If it's too wet to dig in our gardens, we can feel good about digging into garden photography, environmentally conscious gardening and the art of seeing well.

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Early Season Flowers for Pollinators

Climate change has put many co-evolved plants and pollinators out of sync. Beekeepers can monitor their hives and do supplemental feeding. What plants feed early emerging native bees?

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It’s All About the Light

When look at translucent flowers like witch hazels with low sun shining through, they’re ablaze with light. Backlighting is pure glowing magic.

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