Karen Bussolini eco friendly garden coach client before

First encounter – the Before shot

Garden coaching is about helping homeowners see their property with new eyes. Most of us have areas we don’t know what to do with or problems we don’t know how to solve, so we just kind of stop paying attention.

When I put on my eco-friendly garden coach hat and visit a client for the first time, it’s all new to me. Little details jump out as I pull in to park and find my way from the car to greet the owner. I see clues of the owner’s style and the site’s inclinations, suffering plants and happy healthy well-sited ones, great views and eyesores, intriguing possibilities, opportunities to reduce maintenance and create habitat.

As we walk the property together and I learn more about the homeowner’s dreams, wishes and problems, it really gets my creative juices going. But where to start?????

Read my stream of consciousness account of a first visit and how to employ ecological thinking and look at the big picture in the  September/October issue of The Connecticut Gardener CT Gardener Coach 1

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