Looking Across the Fall Line

Dead and dying trees provide wildlife habitat and are critical to forest health. Let's look at fallen branches and trees as natural resources rather than disposal problems.

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Trees for All Seasons

If you love trees, rush right out and pick up the February issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens. My photographs of four seasons in a very special tree collection are featured in a splendid ten page layout ...

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Robins Eating Sumac Berries

As I was enjoying my breakfast during a winter snowstorm last winter, I had a ringside seat watching a frenzy of robins devour staghorn sumac berries. So glad I planted this under-appreciated sun-loving native tree [...]

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Change of Seasons Out My Window

The transition from fall to winter changes the view out my window. But there are still late fall flowers for pollinators and positive environmental news.

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Gather A Garden Wreath

Complete the cycle of the seasons by gathering greens and other plants from the garden to make a holiday wreath that will give you pleasure all winter long.

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Last Ditch Deer Protection

Once deer have established their winter territory, rutting bucks damage trees. Protect trees from deer scrapes and rubs with physical barriers.

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