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After a snowy winter, gardeners are so glad to see spring flowers – any flowers – that we sometimes wind up with a visual assault of color – a jumble of brazen yellows and Peptol-Bismol pinks – that would never pass muster later in the season. I wrote The Other Colors of Spring for the Oliver Nurseries online newsletter to share some of my favorite, more subtle plant combinations for the early season.

Snowed in, out of power and broken-hearted over my yard full of broken trees during the October 2012 Halloween weekend snowstorm – and trying to walk my sustainable gardening talk, I huddled by the woodstove thinking of ways to turn all the storm damage into something good. My Lakeville Journal Garden Coach Column was republished by NOFA’s Organic Land Care Program newsletter.

Read about my visit to the herb gardens at The Enfield Shaker Village on The National Gardening Association’s website.