The Edible/Ornamental Garden

Vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs are often stunningly beautiful plants. Any vegetable garden can be a feast for the eyes when attention is paid to design, color, interesting structures and plants’ ornamental qualities. Adding companion plantings of herbs and flowers attracts pollinators and beneficial insects that prey on pests while turning a utilitarian plot into a pleasure garden.

But home-grown produce needn’t remain segregated in its own plot. I’ve collected tips and photos showing the many inventive ways home gardeners have tucked edibles into flower beds, used herbs and fruit trees as landscape plants, assembled colorful edible container gardens. Whether you call it permaculture or edible landscaping, these biodiverse yards are humming with life and good things to eat. Being a locavore and reducing your carbon footprint never looked so pretty


Here are links to articles I wrote and photographed about using herbs and cold hardy greens in the garden and the kitchen




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