Forty (+) Great Plants for New England Gardens


Photo of Iris pallida 'Zebra'

The plants I turn to again and again, both in my work as an eco-friendly garden coach and in my own yard, aren’t just beautiful, they’re rugged, low maintenance problem-solvers. This talk features 40 indispensible plants that grow in challenging conditions such as shade, soggy soil or dry poor soil. They support pollinators and diverse beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife, thrive without a lot of care, resist deer browsing and pack the garden with color throughout the year.

Each plant is treated in depth, with closeup images, seasonal highlights and

examples of effective use in the landscape, along with striking plant combinations.



Arranged from the earliest and lowest, they include

  • Spring bulbs that keep on going year after year
  • Ground-layer plants that out-compete weeds or play well with others, including groundcovers, ornamental perennials, herbs, ferns and grasses
  • Shrubs and small trees

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