Karen Bussolini – Garden Educator and Speaker

New ways of looking at gardening

Tired of sitting through PowerPoint presentations by speakers who read the bullet points you’re already looking at on the screen and project pages crammed with lousy photos lifted off the internet?

You’ve come to the right place.

Whether the topic is naturescaping, gardens in winter or plant combinations, here’s what you can expect from my garden talks:

  • A dynamic, friendly, personal connection with the audience
  • My own best images, selected to make a point – one at a time
  • Photos of inventive, inspiring gardens, public and private, by home gardeners and professional garden designers
  • Never just a list of plants – always diverse ways of thinking about our gardens
  • Fresh insights and good information tailored to your location and needs
  • Down-to-earth advice for people who garden in the real world
  • Speaking from experience – mine and gardeners all over the country
  • Discussion of aesthetic, environmental and practical concerns, including deer resistance, low-maintenance techniques, native plants, right plant/right place, attracting wildlife and pollinators
  • Poetic language with a touch of humor
  • A detailed handout with common and botanical plant names
  • Q & A for as long as you have Q’s – We gardeners all learn from each other
  • Book sales and signing after the talk if so desired
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