So what is the story?

Is it a profile of a plant, a person or a place? A whole garden or a how-to? Is the emphasis on design? Horticulture? Environmental concerns?

With my training as a painter, deep immersion in horticulture and ecological gardening and experience both writing and photographing, I bring a unique understanding, whatever the story.

Although I enjoy working collaboratively with editors, art directors or writers, I can also work independently to create thoughtful, carefully composed images that add up to a cohesive visual narrative. And I can scout, prep, prop, and provide accurate and informative captions.

Whether it’s a magazine feature, documentation of a designer’s work, a one-photo-says-it-all cover shot, a plant portrait or a concept, it’s all about seeing well and communicating, informed by lifetime of gardening.

In the course of creating six books as sole photographer and contributing to magazines and books published throughout the world I’ve learned to slow down, pay attention and celebrate the beauty of gardens and gardeners.